The thing I like most about working from home is that I have no commute. Whether you have a home office or host home parties, the benefits are many. Work at home parents enjoy having more time with their kids. Other home based business owners like the flexibility of being their own boss and creating their own schedule. People like me enjoy the fact that they don’t have to drive, ride the subway, or take a bus to work.

When I had a job outside my home, I had a tiring commute along car-clogged streets, through countless stoplights, among frenetic traffic and angry horn-honking. I had to get up an hour earlier just to allow time for the drive to work during rush hour. Rush hour is rather a misnomer, as the traffic usually moves at an interminably slow pace during this time of day. I do not miss all those wasted hours in the car. Now I just roll out of bed, pour a quick cup of coffee into my favorite mug, and sit down at my computer in my office, still in my pajamas! Who could want more than that? And I have no frustrating commute home after a long day of work either. And now with the rising price of gas, not commuting is even more attractive.

Working at home means saying goodbye to crowding in subway stations, waiting for buses, and negotiating traffic clogged streets. Park your car, throw away your travel mug, and work from home!