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Aussie Pet Mobile ($30,000 cash investment)
Founded in Australia in 1996 Aussie Pet Mobile has grown to become one of the world’s fastest growing and most highly recognized and awarded franchise in the pet industry.
i9 Sports ($25,000 cash investment)
i9 Sports® offers franchise opportunities to own and operate local amateur sports leagues, tournaments, camps, clinics, special events, and youth development programs in over a dozen sports for people of all ages.
Pressed4Time ($37,955 cash investment)
Pressed4Time is a sophisticated dry cleaning / shoe repair pick-up & delivery service. We establish routes our customers can depend on. Local cleaners do all the dry cleaning. Ranked # 1 in the business by Entrepreneur Magazine January 2005.

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The thing I like most about working from home is that I have no commute. Whether you have a home office or host home parties, the benefits are many. Work at home parents enjoy having more time with their kids. Other home based business owners like the flexibility of being their own boss and creating their own schedule. People like me enjoy the fact that they don’t have to drive, ride the subway, or take a bus to work.

When I had a job outside my home, I had a tiring commute along car-clogged streets, through countless stoplights, among frenetic traffic and angry horn-honking. I had to get up an hour earlier just to allow time for the drive to work during rush hour. Rush hour is rather a misnomer, as the traffic usually moves at an interminably slow pace during this time of day. I do not miss all those wasted hours in the car. Now I just roll out of bed, pour a quick cup of coffee into my favorite mug, and sit down at my computer in my office, still in my pajamas! Who could want more than that? And I have no frustrating commute home after a long day of work either. And now with the rising price of gas, not commuting is even more attractive.

Working at home means saying goodbye to crowding in subway stations, waiting for buses, and negotiating traffic clogged streets. Park your car, throw away your travel mug, and work from home!

Taking Your Business on the Road

Some people like owning a home business because they enjoy working from home and not having to go anywhere. Other people like the flexibility of a home based business opportunity that lets them travel and take their work with them. If you are a greeting card writer, home may be where the heart is. But if you are a home business owner, your home office is where your laptop and cell phone are.While cruising the Pacific coast of Mexico, I met a fellow who owned his own business. He was a consultant and worked from home. His home just happened to be a 44’ sailboat. He was cruising with his wife and three kids aboard. He ran his business with only his laptop computer and a couple of week long trips back to the US every year. The family cruised for several years and ended up circumnavigating the globe. And all the while the father conducted his home business from whatever port they were in.I met another home business owner on the road, a woman who took her network marketing business with her wherever she went. I was visiting my cousin in Wisconsin and went to a home party for nutritional products. The party’s hostess was a friend of my cousin. But the woman selling the products was from Nevada. This woman didn’t limit her network to people near her home. She set up sales parties whenever and wherever she traveled, expanding her sales area considerably (and her network to recruit downline reps as well).I work from home too, and home is wherever I happen to be sleeping that night. Here are a few of the places I’ve conducted my business from:  under a palm tree on a beach in Costa Rica, from the deck of a sailboat cruising in the Sea of Cortez, at the base of a mountain in the Andes in Peru, at an open air café in Milan, need I go on? Ok, true, I don’t always have an internet connection in all these places, but as long as my computer batteries will last I can work on my laptop. Then when I get back in range I can get online and connect with my customers.So don’t let the term home business keep you in one place. Take your work with you and see the world!

Save Money by Working at Home

There are numerous benefits to a home business. One of them is saving money. Here are many ways you can save when you work at home.

It is not a secrete that online business now is one of the best business models available for the professional. Example is online tax return business. So many countries require there citizens to lodge their annual tax return online.

Home Office: As most home business owners know, a home office is tax deductible. Besides the physical space in your house, you can often write off you computer, cell phone, and other office equipment. Check with your tax accountant to make sure you are following the tax guidelines for your state.


Eating at Home: No matter how hard you try to pack a lunch to take to work each morning, it often does not happen. You end up eating out a lot. Your colleagues are often joining out, so you join them. When you work at home, it is easy and convenient to fix lunch in your own kitchen. This is significantly cheaper than restaurant lunches several times a week. Often after a long day working away from home plus a commute, you are not in the mood to cook. So you go out for dinner too, taking the family with you and adding to the expense. When you work at home, dinners, too, are more likely to be eaten at home because you have time to prepare the meal throughout the day.


No Commuting: When your office is in your home, you don’t have to commute. This saves money on gas, parking, subway/train/bus tickets, or all of the above. You also save wear on your car. Plus you save a lot of time. And you know the old adage, “time is money.” When you are not spending time sitting in a car in rush hour traffic (or cruising miles on country roads) to get to and from work, you have more hours in your day to be productive (i.e. earning money) with your home business.

Carpooling: If you are a work at home mom, then your schedule may be more flexible, allowing you to join in carpools. That saves you money on gas and has the added benefit of getting to know other kids and families in the area. Plus it saves you time, like not commuting.

Clothes: Admit it, your home office dress code is much more casual than the dress at a job outside your home. You don’t need as many outfits, and they definitely do not need to be too fancy. Many home business owners often work in their pajamas!

I’m sure if you think about it, there are even more ways that you save money when you work at home. Enjoy the savings, of both time and money!